S’no(w) joke…

It is REALLY snowing out there today! I knew it was going to snow, but this was really a lot.




Before beginning my super intense crazy cleaning, I channelled Hollie


With some delicious whipped cream on my coffee!

I then started on the second floor, and dusted, swept, vacuumed, currently doing laundry, just crazy organizing. The power went out for a while and I read a bunch but when the power came back, it was back to vacuum time.

And that’s been my day. Really good snow day. Normally I’ve been going for long walks to distract myself from the fact that I still haven’t heard from the school (and no I STILL haven’t heard and yes I am going crazy), but with all this snow, I’ve had to stay indoors. Cleaning was a great distraction.

And… Now I have the rest of the day. I have the house to myself, and oh man it just started snowing again.

I know, a nothing post. Another one. I might need to just delete the blog, I literally have nothing interesting to talk about. Jeez.

Post-Interview jitters

Well. I had my school interview on Friday, and since then- ball. Of. Anxiety.




They said they would let us know within two weeks, sooo I just AH. I want to get in!! But I know I’ll be okay if I don’t. But I really want to. I’m a mess. I want to go so badly, but I don’t think I’m going to get in. I’ve been turned down by one school already, I’ve got 4 schools left, if I don’t get in to any, I know I’ll be fine, but oh gosh I don’t want to not get in. Eff.

I’ve been going on a LOT of walks with the dogs to try and take my mind off of it.




It has been. SO nice out! I mean, its pouring out right now, but the walks have been in the 50s, sunny, today was sort of overcast but still not too cold.

I keep my phone on me too, in case they call me. I want them to call and put me out of my misery, but I want them to say I’m in. I don’t want them to tell me I’m not accepted… I’ll even take wait listed.

Ugh. Big mess. Huge mess right now. Any positive thoughts and good thoughts you all want to put out there, please do. I can’t over think this more than I already am.


On the road again…

I write this from New Jersey! Headed down to Atlanta for a school interview, and stopping off to see friends along the way. 

Yesterday started off with notarizing documents, spending an hour at the DMV…. To find out I need more things notarized and different paperwork and more things filled out. Rhode Island, why must you make it so difficult??

After the DMV, I was OVER it. So I got in my car… And drove to my friends house in NJ. Driving through NY is always the worst, especially bc I timed it perfectly (sarcasm) to be going through at 530pm. Rush hour!! Still easier than LA traffic heheh.

My friend lives in Ocean City, which is a cute little summer community type town. They got WRECKED with the storm, not so much snow but winds and high tide and lots of water… There are buoys all over the place and things knocked down etc. hopefully they’re able to fix it up soon. Luckily no SERIOUS damage.

He and I were watching the news last night, we both used to live in CA (actually lived together in San Diego, that was a super fun summer haha) and apparently up in San Mateo county, El NiƱo is causing SO MUCH damage. As in, an apartment complex or three are about to fall in the ocean. There’s a video on this article to show it…  

Just crazy! Plus I think those are subsidized housing, which means that county will need to find new housing for the residents, and already there’s such a shortage of housing and a long wait list. So sad!

After that, to lighten up, we watched the new season of Its Always Sunny, and the first episode of “Baskets”, Zack galifinakis’ new show. It is SO funny!! I highly recommend it. I’m excited for more episodes.

Aaand then we stayed up till 1:15am or so playing Trivia Crack on his phone. Despite his 5:45am wake up call. Whoops!

Today I drive south some more! I MIGHT stop off in DC to see friends and stay for the night, I feel like I could get closer to ATL today but I’d have to stay in SC somewhere and my friend lives in along the coast, which isn’t super helpful for atlanta….. But whatevs maybe I’ll go see her, it’s been a couple years! 

Who else LOVES road tripping?? I get it from my dad I think. He will not fly, he drives EVERYWHERE. I love it, driving is my favorite.

Are you drinking enough water? I took down three 1 liter bottles while driving yesterday. I had to keep stopping to pee but not get gas, I felt like that commercial for the electric car hahaha.

What a DAY.

I have been running around all day!
First up, was gas station. My car was almost on empty, and you’re not supposed to do that in the winter. Oops. 

Dude. Filling up my jeep in CA- $70. Filling up the lesberu in RI- $30!! Actually less, it was $29.something. SO AWESOME!

Then the library to search all the stuff to register my car, sign up for Project Fi, order a new phone…

My iPhone doesn’t hold a charge. At all. At ALL. If it’s cold, and I mean the phone, if the phone is cold it dies IMMEDIATELY. When it’s plugged in, it charges so. slowly. It’s slow, it doesn’t send my text messages sometimes, it’s the worst. SO. I was invited to Project Fi, so my bill will be half the cost each month ($98 a month? WITH a discount? And a phone that DOESNT work? No thanks.) and the new phone will be a million times better.

Ok. Then home to pick up mail to prove I live here, drove to AAA in a town 40 minutes away, found out I can’t do any of the registration stuff there, but I did change my AAA membership from SoCal to Southern New England. Helpful. 

In the car, called USAA and got rid of my renters insurance, changed my car insurance to the new car, off the old car, especially since the auto payment went through and my ENTIRE YEAR is paid for. Thanks auto pay. Damnit.

Off to the library to print my proof of insurance. Oops, no cash money to print, I need change. LUCKILY brother in law hadn’t cleaned the change out of his car. Score! Back inside, print the forms. To the cops!

Police station to check my VIN and get fingerprinted for my new job. Fingerprinting only happens from 9-10am on Tuesdays. VIN inspection only happens Tues-Thurs 2-3pm. Super convenient. #not.

Off to the DMV, which was closing in 20 minutes. Luckily, it’s small town style so it was empty. However- I didn’t have a bill of sale or any proof that the car was mine to register hahah.

So, back home. To binge watch Broad City and cuddle with my favorite, Otis.  

What a cuddle bug! 

I also had to wait for money to transfer to my account to buy my plane tickets to GA, but it showed up so late that now it’s $500 to fly there. Eff. So now I’m driving down. I wanted all the car stuff done before I left, luckily it’s insured so at least there’s that. 

I was planning on going tomorrow, plus because I have plans with friends in NY tomorrow and wednesday. And then interviews are on friday, I still need to print up all the research focuses each professor has at the school. 

But also complete everything for the school. It is difficult getting everything done when I have no computer, a shitty phone, and it’s winter. Rough.

Who else struggles to be an adult? Please someone else…


I know this is old for some people, but this is my first blizzard in three years! Super exciting. I took the dogs for a walk in the woods and the blizzard started basically right when we reached the turnaround point. Still got a good 4 miles in!   

  Cold and wet puppies!!  
Now I’m waiting on some pretzels Clare is making, sitting by a fire (shortly, Tom is making it right now), and reading another book. IQ84 by Haruki Murakami. I just finished the other book of his and I want to binge read his stuff. I did this with David sedaris, Charles bukowski, and a couple other authors. Hey, if I can’t binge drink anymore and I shouldn’t binge eat…. Gotta binge SOMETHING I’m an American for goodness sake!

How are you riding out the storm, if there is a storm where you are? I was supposed to go to NJ, and my sister just showed me video of the storm conditions there… Glad I stayed in RI!

Just pictures.

It’s been like, 2 weeks since I posted. Maybe one. I don’t know, I lose track of time. I’ve been in RI for about a month now, and it’s been going really well! Lots of cooking, baking, babysitting, hanging out with my nieces and sister and bro in law, applying for jobs, getting offers from jobs, turning down jobs…. But I have accepted a job, we’ll see how it goes! It’s kind of a far drive, but it could be good. 

Anyways, I have a bunch of pictures to unload, and then I’ll do a workout recap or something later.

 I made this- http://fitting-it-all-in.com/rosemary-thyme-sweet-potato-and-squash-breakfast-has/ it was SO good.  
Definitely thought this said emoji.   
Lock up dem jerseys!   
Brother in law does NOT enjoy how much Liza likes my heels…


Read The Martian, watched the movie, wished I were smart enough to work for NASA or JPL or something. Definitely not. Now started reading this, probably will be done tonight!  

I missed Hoodsie cups. So dang good!!  
 They don’t have them outside of New England, and even then I’m not sure it’s all across. 

We’ve got a crazy storm rolling through apparently. I was going to go to NJ and NY this weekend/week, but the snow might stop that… I spent the afternoon breaking and shoveling ice off the driveway, it was AWESOME. Super good workout! That was a blast. I like workouts where I don’t realize I’m working out. I’m glad I didn’t end up doing upper body last night, just an hour and a half of cardio. 

Alright, back to the book, waiting on chili, and the snow. Let’s do this, blizzard!

Anyone else prepping for the storm?

Anyone else prep for a storm with ice cream?

MIA but not really.

I haven’t posted much because I’ve both been busy doing things and also not doing anything I haven’t already written about a lot. 

First, my workout recap from last week-

Sunday 1/3- nothing. There are a few days of nothing.

Monday 1/4- 6 mile run, 29 degrees outside. Snow run!

Tuesday 1/5- aaahhh nothin.

Wednesday 1/6- 3 mile run with the dogs, 2.5 mile walk. There is a SUPER cute coffee shop near my sisters house that has a $1 coffee deal after noon, so I walked down and got a coffee. Good way to get some walking in, and vitamin d! I need to be on top of it now that I’m back in New England. It’s hard to get enough sun time, especially compared to living in SoCal. I’m trying to be outside as much as possible. The sunshine and outside air REALLY  help with emotional business.

Thursday 1/7- 4 mile run with the dogs, 2 miles on the treadmill, 40 “floors” on the stairclimber, and 1000m on the erg (rowing machine). I finally joined a gym! It’s an alright gym. It’s pretty small, but that’s kind of nice. Apparently the spin classes are in SUPER high demand, people call up at like 5am to sign up for the next day. Whoa.

Friday 1/8- fun day! Clare (sister), Liza, Cate (nieces), and I went down to Newport for breakfast and hang out. Clare had some meetings, so we all went for breakfast (pancaaaaaakes) and then Liza and I went to a playground!  

It was a little cold. Like, freezing. We went home, and watched some cooking videos before nap time.  

Then I went to CT! My friends teach at a school in CT, one (Dave) is the choir/music director there, and was hosting an a cappella frstival/competition, and asked a couple of us if we would judge one of the nights! I mostly was going to hang out with them… These friends I’ve known for a long long time. At least 10 years, one friend that was there I’ve known for 13 years! That night we went out for food (candied bacon lollipops. So damn good.), and went to bed past midnight. I know, wild child. (For the record, I used to stay awake for DAYS and not just because of the cocaine. I was a partier, stay up late, start and close the party. Now I enjoy sleep, a little. Okay, a lot.)

Saturday 1/9- late ish start to the  day, everyone was pretty tired. Reminisced over breakfast, and then a couple of us went on a 3 mile walk. My friend Kim is my twin, we met 10ish years ago when she was dating and then go engaged to my friend Dave’s brother. Everyone that met her was like “who are…. Are you Mary’s sister??” She is a mom now, with 3 year old twins and a 1.5 year older. Soooo she’s pretty busy. Luckily, she was able to come out for the walk!  

Love it!

There was another competition that night that I didn’t have to judge, so I just went to hang out and listen to music. Granted, it WAS high school a cappella, but it was still fun. And then we ended up going back to Dave and Kata’s house, ate some pizza, chilled out, and again stayed up past midnight. 

And Sunday it POURED. So much rain, and lightning, it was great. Got back to RI, and Liza wanted to watch “Ariel” immediately. I got her hooked on the Little Mermaid. Eff yeah! Maybe take a little break from Frozen…. But not really.

This week now is already better workout wise, and diet wise. When I’m working out more, I feel better and I eat better, I crave healthier things, and I don’t eat as mindlessly. Now, did I still eat an amazing molten chocolate mug cake tonight… But OVERALL I’m doing better. 

Lets wrap it up with some pictures!  

Static cling post blanket hiding.    


Amazing trails today. I can’t stop taking pictures of the trail walks/runs!!